Papiruz.com is a place where you can create online presentations that combine graphics, text and sound in a convenient compact form. Papiruz.com allows you creating photo galleries in a format of a still images movie, and presenting them to others.

Currently there are a lot of blogging systems as well as great photo and video sharing sites on the internet. We decided to combine all these forms into one format, taking the best and removing flaws out of each of them. As a result, we have come up with a hybrid that allows you to present information in a much more clear, convenient to use and simple manner.

Papiruz.com it is also a social club where members can share their ideas and exhibit their creativity. You can present your work, get a feedback, select a collection of favorite works created by other people, and follow your favorite authors.

How to use our site? In fact, it's very easy.

If you only intend to view the works of others, then just brows through all sections and galleries, they are openly accessible to all visitors.

If you want to create your own online presentations, using Papiruz.com, and be a member of the creative community, simply register on the site and proceed. It is free to use.
Presenting your information in a new format
The web site Papiruz.com has been built around the idea of creating photo galleries, where each frame can be accompanied by text and audio, such as a voice comment. This specific format allows you to deliver information in a convenient, compact and efficient way. It can be applied in many fields, from journalism, documentary, creative projects, to business presentations and training materials.

Initially, our system was designed for journalists, reporters, creative photographers. In the making it became clear to us, that the scope of potential use is much wider - it is virtually infinite. For example, it could be a photo travelogue, where images are accompanied by text notes and voice comments. Or it may be a kind of an audio comic book, where each image comes with a recorded short phrase or a short story. It can also be projects and products presentations, "how to use" manuals, training instructions, etc.
How we are different from photo sharing sites
Obviously, the main difference between our site and those, who offer photo sharing services, is that our users share not just individual photos, but whole series of photos combined into a story and accompanied by audio comments.

Also, as opposed to such popular photo sharing sites as Picassa.com or Flickr.com, or video sharing sites like YouTube.com or Vimeo.com, we do not provide a space for storing images and audio/video files. When our user creates his own photo gallery with the tools provided at Papiruz.com, he/she needs to link the graphic images and audio files for his/her gallery from external storage places.

It is possible to get storage space for your graphics and audio files on our website as well, but this is not a requirement and you can store your files wherever you want. This is done primarily to avoid complications of copyrights issues.

Another important feature of our site is that the stories you create with the use of Papiruz.com can be easily implemented into any other website. To be able to do this, you just need to include a small block of codes with the reference to your gallery into HTML codes of another website page.
Join Us
Our goal is to create a simple elegant system based on minimalistic approach. We deliberately avoided implementation of numerous different functions, services and settings.

We believe that the most important and useful feature for our users should be an ability to create a gallery and to promote it. Everything else should revolve around accomplishing this main task, and nothing should distract our users from creation process.

We also wanted to introduce a system that would be self-regulated. Therefore, we have minimized the role of moderators and limited their involvement to being arbiters only. We expect that if somebody breaks the rules, other members of our community will notify us, and we will promptly take actions.

We would like to emphasize that Papiruz.com was developed for creative people, and we hope that together we will build a comfortable environment for everybody who wants to use our site for expression of their creativity.

Finally, we would also like to say that we are only at the beginning. What you see at Papiruz.com is just a beta version, and we are working tirelessly its improvement. We have many more interesting ideas that we plan to implement in the future, and we count on your support and your input in this process.

Thank you all for visiting our site and for your interest and participation!
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e-mail:    papiruz@gmail.com