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Niagara Falls
Niagara Fall is located not far from Toronto, just an hour and a half of driving. It is situated at the very end of the Niagara Peninsula. At this point, the narrow isthmus between the two Great Lakes, Ontario and Erie, is divided by the Niagara River, which runs along the US-Canadian border. At the end of the last ice age, roughly 15,000 years ago, after the Great Lakes system was formed, a mass of ice has pressed through the isthmus surface, making a huge hole. Subsequently, this place had turned into Niagara Falls.
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Niagara Falls is divided into three parts. The main part, which is called the Horseshoe, is located on the Canadian side. Usually this Canadian section is considered as Niagara Falls, because of the greatest amount of water that passes through here, and because it has a spectacular view. Two other sections of the waterfall are much smaller; they are located on the American side.

The Horseshoe is approximately 800 meters wide with a drop height of over 50 meters. Given the speed of the river that pushes huge masses of water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls ranked the fourth among other waterfalls in the world by the volume of water passing through it for a minute. The view of thousands cubic meters of water rushing down from a twenty-story building height is really striking in its scale. All this makes the Niagara Falls one of the most visited attractions in North America. Some 25 to 30 million tourists from all over the world visit the Falls every year.

There is a long stretch of pedestrian walkway along the Falls with several lookouts, from which you can enjoy the view of the magnificent waterfall. For those who want to experience the waterfall more closely, there are boat tours with romantic name "The Maid of the Mist" that take you to the bottom of the Falls. These bout tours have been running since 1846, and became a tourist attraction as the waterfall itself. Before going on this tour you should know that despite the fact that every passenger gets a rain coat, you will be soaked through after this adventure.

In the evening, the waterfalls are illuminated with colorful lights.

The town of Nigara Falls that was built at the Horseshoe in the early twentieth century, became a very popular destination among tourists. It is considered a Canadian Las Vegas.

It offers an endless list of entertainment including numerous hotels, aqua park Marineland, casinos, a huge indoor water park in the Great Wolf Lodge Resort, as well as many other attractions for both families with children and for adults. In addition to that, Niagara Falls is often called a wedding capital of the Eastern Part of North America as it is especially popular for weddings and honeymoon vacations. There are several world class attractions in Nigara Falls, such as: Botanical Garden, Butterfly Conservatory with over 2000 free-flying tropical butterflies in a rainforest setting, Bird Kingdom - one of the largest indoor aviaries in the world with over 300 free flying birds.

American and Canadian sides are connected by a bridge with the romantic name of Rainbow Bridge. It got its name because a rainbow (or more than one rainbow) can often be seeing over the waterfall.