Technical Requirements

The idea behind Papiruz OMS (Galleries) is an evolutionary development of multimedia presentations that were used previously in Flash technology, which almost ceased to exist.

While developing our project Papiruz, we wanted to avoid the problems of Flash technology, therefore we've established the following objectives:
  • Use the HTML5 language standard features and the capabilities of modern browsers in order to avoid plug-ins installation;
  • Make the process of developing multimedia presentations simple and less time-consuming.

  • As a result, we've got what we wanted. However, due to the fact that not all browsers support HTML5 and JavaScript correctly, as well as due to individual browsers settings, there still could be occasional malfunctions when you play an Gallery.

    In particular, we do not recommend using MS Internet Explorer if you plan to become a registered user.

    Also there is a problem with earlier versions of Mozilla Firefox in terms of playing audio files as they did not support the popular MP3 format. Starting with version 22, these problems have been eliminated.

    We would suggest the following browsers that so far have been the most reliable while working with Papiruz website: Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera.