Registration and Authorization

Access to OMS (Galleries) is free and open to all website visitors.

In order to be able to create your own Galleries, participate in discussions, and use other services of Papiruz website, you need to register.

Click on the link Register in the top right corner of the website's main page. You will be re-directed to a registration form that you need to fill in.

You will need to enter the following information:
  • your e-mail address, which can be used as your login for signing in (please note that your e-mail address will be seen by the website visitors, therefore, we do not recommend using your private e-mail address);
  • your name, under which you will be participating in the website work (please note that you will not be able to change this name);
  • your password to access your account.

  • Before registering you have to read the Terms of Use. It is a contract between you and that outlines responsibilities, obligations, requirements and restrictions.

    After registration is completed, you will get an individual account on the website under your name. You will also be assigned a unique registration number, which can be used as your login as well.

    In the future, each time when you want to access the website you will need to get through authorization. Click on the link Sign In in the top right corner on the main page (next to the link Register).

    You will be re-directed to a form where you will need to enter your login (which is the ID that you've been assigned during registration or your e-mail address) and your password.