How to View Galleries

Every gallery can be viewed with a player. This player has a control panel with buttons at the bottom. There are four buttons, each performing specific functions:

(1) - by clicking on this button you turn on the slideshow mode of viewing. When you click on this button again, it returns to manual viewing

(2) - this button is for direct access to the frame. When you click on it you see a series of thumbnails. By clicking on a selected thumbnail you can go this frame directly.

(3) - this button turns the sound on and off.
By default, the sound starts play immediately when you open the next frame (if this frame is accompanied by audio). If you don't want to listen to audio comments, you can turn it off by clicking on this button at the control panel. And you can always turn it back on by re-clicking on the same button.

(4) - with this button you can turn off the text that pops up with each new frame.
If you don't like the fact that the text comments cover a part of the image and you don't want to read these comments, you can simply turn them off. And you can easily get them back whenever you want by re-clicking on the same button.

(5) - these back and forward arrows are for the manual mode of viewing only. They appear on the sides of a frame once you place your cursor on the current image

(6) и (7)- indicators of audio files.
Since not all galleries are accompanied by audio, these indicators will show you if there is an audio file accompanying the gallery or not. These icons appear on the right side at the top of the frame. They indicate the following:
(6) - this icon means that a gallery is accompanied by one audio file that plays through the entire gallery regardless of the frame. This option is only available in the slideshow mode.
(7) - this icon means that each frame is accompanied by an individual audio, which starts playing with each new frame. This option is available in both slideshow and manual modes.

Galleries may also come with extended comments or an accompanying article, which is hidden under the gallery. In order to see this text, you need to click on the link expand / collapse text. If you want to close the extended text, simply re-click on the link expand / collapse text