Rate Galleries & Embed Code

In addition to the main section with newly added OMS (Galleries), there are two sections where the galleries are listed according to certain ranking criteria based on viewers' rating.

Any visitor can rate a gallery and thus affect its rank. Everything you need to do is click on the Like button in the top right corner on the page with selected gallery. Each visitor can vote for each gallery only once.

For registered users there is an additional way to affect the ranking of a gallery. You need to recommend your favorite gallery and add it to your favorites. You can do this by clicking on Recommend in the top right corner on the page with selected gallery (this feature is available only to registered users):
  • this increases the ranking of the gallery in the POPULAR GALLERIES section;
  • allows the gallery to participate in the ranking in the RECOMMENDED GALLERIES section;
  • allows a registered user to save the gallery in personal favorites. A registered user can access his/her personal favorites from the main page through the link RECOMMENDED.

  • Registered users can also add a selected author to his personal list of authors, whose work they want to track. A user can do this by clicking on the link Follow in the top right corner (this feature is available only to registered

    Comments to galleries

    Registered users can post their comments to galleries.

    Using galleries for other websites

    Each gallery contains a small code fragment that can be inserted in the HTML codes of any web page so that the gallery can become a part of this page. It works the same way as video copied from YouTube.

    If you want to extract this code fragment, click on the link EMBED CODE on the control panel of the gallery's web page. Copy the code fragment in the window that pops up, and then paste it into HTML codes of another web page.