Create Gallery: Filling the Form
In order to create a new gallery you need to go to the user account page and click on the link Create on the control panel (top right corner).

  • Select the topic for your gallery. By default the pre-selected section is Miscellaneous.

  • Select the language for your audio and texts. By default it is always set up for English.

  • Specify the width and height of the images that you are going to use for your gallery. By default it is set up for 900 pixels width and 600 pixels height. If you put incorrect dimensions, all images in your gallery will be distorted.

  • Enter the name for your gallery in Gallery Title. The name should be short and descriptive.

  • Write a short introduction in Short Introduction. There is a limit of 500 characters. Try to describe in a few words what is your gallery about.

  • You can also add an extended text or a whole article in the Article section. While for most galleries a set of images with accompanying audio is sufficient enough, in some cases an author wants to provide more information, or introduction, or detailed explanation. The size of such articles is unlimited, however, we recommend not exceeding 1-2 pages. This text will be hidden at the bottom of the gallery's page. A viewer can open it by clicking on the link "expand / collapse text"

  • Add a cover picture to your gallery - Introductory Image. This is the front image that will represent your gallery and will appear in the list of other galleries. Try to make it interesting and catchy. It is better to prepare such image in advance, with square shape 220 x 220 pixels. If the size of your picture is greater than 220 pixels along either side, it will be automatically reduced. If you change your mind regarding the cover picture you can always remove it by clicking on Remove picture on the right. The name of the selected file should disappear.

  • The function Add graphics and audio files is for uploading graphics and audio files. This can be done in two ways:
    - by drag&drop. In this case you can drag your files to the "drop files to upload" section; or
    - by clicking on "drop files to upload". In the new window that will open, select the files you want to upload.
    Then the uploaded files' icons will appear in the "drop files to upload" section with confirmation that the upload has been successfully completed.

  • When the upload is completed, press "Save & Continue" to get to the next step: creation and setting up the galleries.