Gallery creation. Setting up
On the top of the page there are setting options for particular parameters of the gallery. You can select from the menu in the right top corner any setting option that you would like to perform.

By default, the top field contains general information about the gallery, including its introductory image. If some fields are empty that means that, initially, the information was omitted. In order to correct or add information, select options from the menu on the right.

The field at the bottom "Gallery Order" contains the uploaded graphic files, which will form the gallery. In this field you can change the order of pictures, make settings for each frame, including selecting an audio file that will accompany every particular image.

Changing the order of graphic files in the gallery
In the field "Gallery Order" select the required graphic file. Then, while pointing your cursor arrow at the file, press the left button on your mouse and drag the file to the desired place. Repeat this operation for every graphic file until you get the required order of pictures.

Adding graphic and audio files
If you need to add pictures and audio files to your gallery, you need to select the option "add files" from the menu in the top right corner of the page. A new window "add new files" will open. You can either drag the required files by drag&drop to the field "drop files to upload", or select the required files by clicking on the field "drop files to upload".
To finish the operation, click on the green icon on the right from the field "drop files to upload"(6).
If you want to cancel the operation, click on "Close Window" in the top right corner.