Gallery creation. Setting up
Editing the Frames
For editing click on the frame you want to edit in the section "Gallery Order". A pop-up window with an edit form will open.

title : you can put here a title for the edited image related to the place, time, or event on the picture. This field is not mandatory, you can leave it blank.
description : in this section you can put any additional information or explanation. This field is not mandatory, you can leave it blank.
duration : you can set an individual duration time for each frame for showing a gallery in an automated mode. For that you need to set the time (in seconds) in the field with the "sand-glass" icon.
By default the duration time is set as 5 sec. If the frame is accompanied by an audio file, the duration time of this frame (for the automated mode of showing) will be determined by the playing time of the audio file.
audio file : in order to attach an audio file to a picture, you need to select this audio file from the pop-up menu with the "speaker" icon. If you want to cancel the attachment of an audio file to a picture, just click on the option "not selected" from the pop-up menu.

To save the settings you've made, click on the green icon (6) under the picture.
If you don't need to save the settings, just go to the next picture or select any option from the main menu in the right top corner.
If you want to delete the picture, click on the red icon (7) under this picture. As a result, the picture will disappear from the "Gallery Order" field at the bottom of the page.