Managing the Galleries

You can manage the new OMS (Galleries) from the main page of your account. Click on the link Organize in order to access the galleries that you have created. You will see the list of your galleries including both published and saved (not published yet).

Depending on whether the gallery has been published or not, there will be a different set of buttons underneath.

Saved galleries (not published yet)

All non-published galleries have three buttons at the bottom - Edit, Publish и Delete.

  • Edit - for editing, correcting, making changes.

  • Delete - for removing the gallery if you don't want to keep it.

  • Publish - for posting the gallery and thus making it open to the viewers of Papiruz website, as well as for including it in the rating system.

  • Published galleries

    These galleries have only one link at the bottom - Delete, which you can use if you want to remove a gallery. Once the gallery is published, you will not be able to change anything in it, as there is no Edit option. You will only be able to remove it and create a new one.