The main feature of Papiruz website is providing a possibility to create and view information in the way that can be called as Online Multimedia Slideshow (OMS).

Basically, OMS is an online photo gallery where the "slideshow" feature is enhanced with audio and text comments that accompany each image. That is why we often refer to OMS or an Online Multimedia Slideshow as a "Gallery".

OMS consists of individual frames (photos or drawings), with the possibility of either viewing each picture separately or viewing them as a self-running slideshow. Each frame can be accompanied by audio and/or text comments. At that, an OMS can be viewed not only frame-by-frame, but as a usual video where images change from one to another automatically in the pace set by the developer of an OMS.

With Papiruz website you will be able to:
  • create your own Gallery quickly and easily
  • view OMS with any browser without setting up additional plug-ins
  • incorporate your Gallery into any other web page by using a small HTML code fragment
  • present the Galleries you've created to all Papiruz visitors
  • participate in ratings of Galleries as a developer and as a viewer
  • participate in discussions

  • Access to Galleries is free and open to all visitors of the website. Papiruz is a non-profit project developed by enthusiasts for creative people who are looking for new forms of expression.

    In order to be able to create your own Galleries, get them ranked, and use other website features such as recommending favorite Galleries, following selected authors, participating in discussions, you need to register.