This course presents, in a simple and easy to understand form, the information about all main aspects of owning a small hotel, from selecting and buying, to managing it, and finding the ways of improving its performance. The course materials have been specifically prepared to help future small hotel owners deal with real-life issues and tasks.

This course is unique as it is dedicated to small hotels only, and is not intended to cover the entire hotel industry. It is also special because of the way how the study materials are presented, which combines a simple mode of learning the materials in a compact form, with an option of the in-depth study of each topic. At the same time, the course covers all required academic knowledge, which have been adapted for the owners of small hotels, including practical tips and real-life examples.


The course materials are based on studying various types of small hotels in different countries, selecting the most important aspects of their operation, and summarizing practical experience of owning and managing such small hotels.

Even though we used traditional academic knowledge about the hotel industry in our course, our main goal was connecting these knowledge to real life through implementing in each topic the practical advices on managing small hotels.

We wanted to cover all the important aspects of small hotels, but at the same time, we tried not to overload the course with excessive information. Our goal was to give the future and current owners a general understanding of how to operate a small hotel, what is involved, and how to approach the task of solving the problems that may arise.

As a result, we offer a unique course aimed at small hotel owners, which provides the most essential information in a compact and easy to learn form.


After you've made a payment, you will get an access to the course materials for one year. You can extend it, if needed, by making an additional payment at a discounted price (30% of the course price for each additional year).

When the payment is made, you will receive an ID number. Use this ID and the email address, that you've provided in the process of making pament, in order to access the study materials.


The users of our course should keep in mind that it cannot be considered as a part of formal education, which may lead to obtaining certificates or diplomas. This course is nothing more than a summary of practical experience and knowledge about the small hotel segment.

The course is intended solely for obtaining a general understanding of owning and managing a small hotel. Therefore, the users of our course should understand that we are not responsible for the results of applying the gained knowledge in practice, as well as for compliance of our course materials with formal requirements to academic materials on the topic of hotel management.


We've created this course for those who either is looking to buy a small hotel (usually from 10 to 25 rooms) or who have recently purchased such a hotel, and do not have the required knowledge and experience. For this type of users our course can help get an understanding of what's involved in the process of owning and managing a small hotel, how to organize its operation, and what things to pay attention to first of all.

This course will also be useful for those who are just considering the idea of purchasing a small hotel. The materials provided in our course will help you learn more about the nature of this business and decide if it suits you, as well as whether you have the necessary resources, and what will be required from you in order to realise your plans.

When you have a good understanding of the main aspects of the small hotel operation, you will be better prepared for its acquisition. In particular, you will be able to assess the economic feasibility of this purchase, select the more appropriate concept for your hotel, and make the right decisions regarding all other issues related to hotel management.

In regards to our target users, while preparing our course, we were focusing primarily on two major categories of future hotel owners. First, the retirees or people who are preparing for retirement. Secondly, the self-employed professionals and freelancers who are not tied to a specific place and can operate from the location where they are going to buy a small hotel.

However, our course is not limited to certain groups of users, it is universal and will be useful to anyone who is considering purchasing or organizing a small hotel.