The course materials are presented in two modes of study. The first mode is a short version of study materials provided in a compact form of a slide show with infographics, short texts and an audio. The second mode is a text with detailed explanation of the topic.

After you make a payment, an online personal account will be created for you, and you will get an access to study materials. Here is how it works.

Your online account will contain various supporting information, including the content of the course as a list of all chapters and sections. You will need to select the required chapter, then you will see a list of sections. By selecting the section you want, you will get an access to the study materials on the topic of this section.

There you will find a description of how to work with and navigate the study materials of the selected section. Click below on the EXAMPLE SECTION button, and you will be forwarded to the first section of the first Chapter of the course. We offer you this example, so that before buying the course, you can get an idea of how the study materials in our course are presented.

When you select a section, by default it starts from the short version, which is presented in the form of a slideshow. For each part of section there is a separate slide. It includes infographics, a short text that contains the most important information, and an audio. If you prefer reading to listening, you can mute the sound.

There are two ways of how you can navigate the study materials within a section:
  1. You can flip through slides by clicking on the orange arrows located on the right and left side on each slide.
  2. Or you can go directly to a certain part from the list, located above the slides. This list also shows the time on the audio track where this part starts.

There is a navigation panel on the top left side of each section page. While you are on the page with the short version of study materials, the left button on this panel is labeled "Text". By clicking on this button you will be forwarded to the page with the long version presented in the text mode, where the more complete information on the topic of the section with additional explanations is provided.

If you want to return to the slideshow mode, you just need to click on the "Slides" button on the navigation panel.


You have two options for navigating between sections and chapters:
  1. You can either return to your personal account page, which has a list of all chapters and sections. This is done by clicking on the "Main" button on the navigation panel located at the top of each section page (to the left from the list of parts). Then you can select any chapter and section from the full list on your personal account page.
  2. Or you can use the buttons "PREV." (previous) or "NEXT" on the navigation bar. This way you can scroll through sections, moving to the next one or returning to the previous section.

Each section page has a menu located at the top right corner. It contains two submenus: VIEW and NAVIGATION, which are basically duplicating the buttons on the navigation panel. In the submenu "VIEW" you can choose between the text and the slideshow modes of studying the course materials by selecting the "Text" or the "Slides" options. The submenu "NAVIGATION" allows you to move to the next or the previous section, or return to your personal account page containing the list of all chapters and sections. You can do this by selecting the "Prev.", the "Next", or the "Main" options.


Your personal account page is the starting point for accessing the course materials. In addition to the full list of all chapters and sections of the "Small Hotels Management" course, this page contains the following:
  • A list of additional materials that we prepare and post on the site on a regular basis. Such additional materials may include overviews on various topics, as well as analysis of various small hotels based on real-life examples.
  • Your course history in the form of a list of the most recent sections you have completed. This allows you to go back to where you left off and move on to the next sections.
  • Information about the recently added materials, and notifications about important changes.
  • Your personal data (your email address and your ID on the site), as well as the end date of your access to the course materials.